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It is a DAW CPU resource management tool which will overcome CPU/RAM shortages
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FX Freeze is a DAW CPU resource management tool, which will help you forget about CPU, RAM or poliphony shortage problems while working with VST instruments and/or FX.
Special programs, called FX Freeze wrappers, are installed into your VST plug-ins folder. Use them instead of usual FX or instruments. All works in the normal way, except in the plug-in window there's an additional line with two flake icons. To freeze a plug-in just click on the flake icon, play the desired portion of your song, and all the plug-in outputs will be bounced to disk. During the following work the frozen plug-in will stream from disk and the DSP part of frozen plug-in will be bypassed. In Ultra-freeze mode both the plug-in and its libraries also will be unloaded from RAM. The resources previously taken by the plug-in are ready to be used for any further processing. Therefore you can maximize the CPU and RAM resources for DAW work. All frozen plug-ins are saved within your song. Also it takes just one mouse click to unfreeze the plug-in. FX Freeze wrappers make no overhead and are not at all noticeable until you decide to turn on the freeze function.


- Freeze option Freeze up CPU resources
- Ultra-freeze option Freeze both CPU and RAM
- Freeze of a certain portion of a song
- Saving frozen data with the song
- Selective MIDI channels freezing
- Simple and intuitive
- VST compatible instrument and FX support
- VST 2 compatible host suport
- SONAR support for VSTi (via VST DX Adapter)

System requirements

- Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
- VST 2 compatible host (Cubase, Logic, etc.)
- VST instruments or FX

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